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Big Announcement: Love, A Blogaversary

November 2, 2015

So apparently it’s been a year, you guys!!! It’s my blog anniversary soon! 🙂 With that, I want to put up a gig that me and my readers and followers could be part of 🙂
Blog Promo

Mechanics found above. It’s pretty simple actually. Upload a creative greeting shot – something you think I would love and I would post, Tag me on the photo – not just on the caption so it’s viewable on my tagged photos on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtags! Five lucky winners will be chosen, hopefully those that are available on November 14, 2-4pm, BGC area 🙂 Nonetheless, it’s open for everyone. Who knows I might have giveaways too! Let’s see :p

The actual blog anniversary is on November 12 since that’s when I posted my first legitimate blog post and other content 🙂 Weeee, can’t believe it! It’s been just a year and I feel like I have grown and progressed to be more than what I intended this blog to be. 🙂 Hope you guys could join to make this celebration/milestone of my blog extra special! 🙂



October 30, 2015

So I am addicted to movies and series! My friends know how much of a movie buff I am and how I am updated with movies every week. Lol. Actually be it series, movies – local or international, I am really addicted to it!

Hearing that Globe launched HOOQ, sort of like our version of Netflix, it got me all excited and I had to avail of it! It’s basically an online streaming site fit for your mood! 🙂  Continue Reading