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My Travel Essentials

Because you know you can’t bring too much when you’re always out and about!

Have you guys noticed that I’ve mostly been out of the country and out of town? Lol I only noticed it just now and it’s just now that I’ve realized that I have my staple essentials whenever I am traveling! Also, I find it so convenient that we already have our very own Sephora PH!! As for makeup enthusiasts like me or rather, girls who are simply “kikay”, this is heaven! I can just do my window and actual shopping anytime and anywhere! And they just don’t offer the typical brands!! Ahhh <3


As you all know by now I do NOT like looking like a whole different person when I do my makeup. Hence my very minimalistic picks! I’ve always believed and still believe that less is more. Notice that I always opt for a natural makeup look and don’t like being too dolled up! Fresh and simple is my way to go.

Since I’m all for that basic flawless look, of course I should have my ever-trusty foundation. Find a brand that works well with your skin and isn’t too heavy on the face so it’ll look more natural. For me, the key for perfecting the flawless look is to use the right makeup brush for you! 🙂


So now that your skin looks great, you should add even a bit of color to your face so you won’t look too dull. Here I have my Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer that looks like a natural blush. It isn’t too loud nor too eye catching and is just enough to make you not look pale!

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I also have this Becca Eyeshadow palette with me whenever I travel! I settle for nudes and earthy colors instead of loud ones because at least I could use it during the day as well. (Can’t imagine myself wearing heavy eye makeup during the day, eek!) Eyelash curlers are a must for me too because it’ll make my eyes seem more awake and defined!


And since highlighters are a thing now, I just needed to get my hands on the new Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop!!! What I love about it is that this highlighter is not too loud!! It gives off a natural glow once applied on my skin. Now just add a bit of lip color and viola! 🙂

s6 s7

I’ve been in and out of Hongkong recently and these have been my go-to make up essentials and this has been my makeup look. I love how it doesn’t really make me look like a totally different person and this look’s just perfect for the day too! If I have any night outs planned, I can just opt for darker eye shadows or even just a darker lip and I’m good to go! 🙂

That’s all when it comes to my travel makeup routine but I never forget to bring my Sephora cleansing water with me because skin care is just as important! It’s my makeup remover on the go and I love how it’s so easy to carry around. With all of these items, you should also have an Sephora organizing bag where you could put everything and anything!

I know it doesn’t seem a lot but it’s just enough for me to carry around especially when I go out of town and I travel! How about you guys what are the items you cannot leave without when you travel? Hit me up and let me know :p

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  1. Elyssa Amber Beltran
    2 years ago

    Ate Arisse, You’re so pretty po.

  2. Lux
    2 years ago

    Love it, Arisse! <333
    I think I have this thing for makeup essentials/what's-in-my-bag blog post! 😉

    1. Arisse
      2 years ago

      Hehe hi ate Lux!!! 😀

  3. Yazmin Denise Hagosojos
    2 years ago

    I love you ate Girl! You’re so pretty!!!

  4. Monique
    2 years ago

    I love it! Wanted to have becca products too.

  5. Bea Solinap
    2 years ago

    Please do make a vlog, ate Arisse ♥

    2 years ago

    Miss A, I really adore you!!!

  7. Joy Ebrahim
    11 months ago

    Arisse, can you show to us what’s inside your bag? Like your everday bag whenever you go out? Hihi, i’m looking forward for it! 🙂

    1. Arisse
      10 months ago

      Good idea! 🙂


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