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I am a #SunWarrior

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Yes, my title speaks for itself! I am no longer afraid of being exposed to the sun! As a beach lover, it was pretty hard for me to love the beach and the sun! (Lol the two are insperable right? How is that even possible) I hated sunburns and most especially the getting dark part! But anyway I was able to conquer my fear of getting dark under the sun as soon as I religiously started using products that are for skin protection! Whenever I go to the beach, I always make sure that I have my sunscreen in my pocket! Beat the summer heat and become a sun warrior just like me! Step out of the shadow and have confidence under the sun! 🙂

I always thought that it would not be a big deal but as soon as I grew older, I got more conscious with regard to taking care of myself for I know that on the long run it will have an effect on me. I know a lot of people who still think that same way so good thing Watsons Philippines launched their summer campaign! Their Sun Up To Sun Down campaign basically urges people to be more wary of their skin and become a #SunWarrior! We should all start making applying sunscreen a habit to keep our skin healthy and safe from the UV rays! After all, we wouldn’t want our skin to get damaged right? Plus unhealthy skin makes you look older! Boohoo. Watch the video below to know how important using sunscreen is!

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What makes it more exciting are the prizes!! SM and Primo & BDO Reward cardholders can get a chance to win a GoPro camera or an iPad Mini 3 weekly or an iPhone 6 Plus on the grand draw! Simply present the card when paying for a minimum P500 single purchase of any sun care products up until May 20! Who wouldn’t want those prizes??? And it’s very fitting for summer especially the GoPro! So since it’s a win-win situation anyway, I suggest for you to join now! With Watsons, there’s more ways to look good, feel great and have fun this summer! 🙂

A personal tip I learned from reading/watching beauty shows, sunscreen should always be applied! Be it under the sun or not, it does make a difference! Let’s all be Summer Warriors and face the sun with no problem!


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  1. Camille
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the tip! Before, I never really did mind about putting something that would protect my skin from the sun. I had this “Bahala na” attitude whenever I go out in the sun. As long as my skin doesn’t look or feel dry, then I’m good to go. But now I realized that being too careless and effortless do have their own price! So thank you so much for the tips and also about the information about Watsons’ #SunWarrior 😀

    1. Arisse
      3 years ago

      Well you gotta learn the hard way lol. But it’s true! Make sure to take good care of your body, it’s worth investing on! 🙂

  2. Clary
    3 years ago

    Hi arisse! I put lotion (dove) to moisturize my skin. I also read in alot of magazines that it is a mist to wear sunblock everyday for protection. So how’s that gonna be? Lotion then sunblock? Double layer? I’ll be waiting for your reply thanks

    1. Jel
      3 years ago

      Hi Clary, I’m also a reader of Arisse’s blog and I came across your question. Yes. Double layer is fine. Some people even put on sunscreen before BB cream on their faces, even if the BB cream already has SPF. 🙂 But I guess it’s best to check if your skin can take that double layer on your skin, as we all have different skin types. 🙂


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