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I don’t really know why but I noticed that most people have this weird fetish for underarms.. Which I must admit, I consider myself part of :p Taking care of your underarm is basically hygiene and hygiene is important! Can’t stress on that enough. Unlike boys, girls usually deal with lots of kikay stuff like maintaining great skin and even underarms! We have to deal with mani-pedis, facials, IPL, waxing and so much more! I have my mom to thank for my nice underarms! LOL. She’s all OCD with taking care of our skin and even our pits! Because of her I have been getting good comments on my underarms which I really find flattering. It also came to a point that whenever I wear tank tops people whom I am talking with tend to look at my underarms instead of my face. HAHA. But I guess it is safe to say that most people have this strange fascination looking at “nice” or “perfect” pits. Anyhoo.

How do I take care of my armpits? Aside from getting it waxed regularly at a 2 week interval, I also use the deodorant fit for my skin. Finding the perfect de0 is quite hard because you have to try it out to know if your skin will react to it well. I have tried numerous deodorants and it’s safe to say that Silka deodorants work well on my skin! Thank you, by the way to Silka for sending me my very own Silka kit! Glad I was able to try more of their products aside from their soaps.

A perfect deodorant for me should have: 1. an appealing smell 2. eliminates odor 3. anti-perspirant and 4. WHITENING. All of which Silka promises to deliver. Not only that their deodorant is of high quality but also budget friendly. Silka has been in the industry for years and is currently at the top of the local brands and it is still there for a reason! 🙂

deo products_lowres

There were (4) Silka Deodorant variants, all of which came in a sleeker and fresher packaging!

o Silka Whitening (White) – Gently exfoliates and actively whitens. Enhanced with unique whitening system of AHA-BHA & Vitamin B3 which prevents skin from further skin darkening.

o Silka Green Papaya – has papaya enzymes with formulated Vitamin E and Provitamin B5.

o Silka Refreshing (Pink) – Moisturizing and Whitening Deo with Vitamin E and Milk Proteins.

o Silka Papaya Orange – has papaya enzymes that help eliminate dead skin cells for a brighter, younger-looking skin.

I decided to use the Whitening deodorant, not because my UA needed more whitening, but mainly because it was more for maintaining and preventing from darkening. I also adore the smell of the variant because it smells like baby powder – and I love baby powder! :p Most importantly, my skin did not experience any irritation or whatsoever! Silka really proves that it is a brand to be trusted which does not deliver false promises! Instant (underarm) confidence boost care of Silka! #MayKKaBastaSilka! 🙂

You could check Silka’s Facebook page to further know about them and as well as their products! They have soaps and lotions that are worth trying as well!

Just a story worth telling and is relevant to the topic anyway, I remember my boyfriend, Patrick saying that having nice underarms was a deal breaker for him. A deal breaker meaning it was a MUST for him. I always asked him “What if I am exactly what you want or need, but I had ugly underarms, would you still make me your girlfriend?” With no hesitations or second thoughts, he immediately said “No” and even thanked God that I have nice underarms HAHA. My point is there are really people especially boys who are always so conscious when it comes to underarms, gives us girls more reason to take care of our bodies! Don’t forget to take care of yourselves too, ladies 😉 #hugot LOL kidding!


I guess this post calls for a mandatory underarm up pose :)) Nice underarms, no worries! 🙂


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  1. jelai
    3 years ago

    nice o heared dat!!! i realy want also ah!white UA.but for me is not like realy white but i think still no Silka dea here in abu dhabi..

  2. els
    3 years ago

    Hi sis i always wanted a whiter ua, my prob is no avail of whitening deo can help, is this silka do really whitens ua? Im on the chubby side thats why my ua is not that white,pls pls help me im loosing my self esteem here.thanks in advance! Hope to hear fr you in fb or yahoo

  3. dd
    3 years ago

    Hi! I just want to know if you’re using hot wax or cold wax ? 🙂

    1. Arisse
      3 years ago

      Either actually. Cold wax in Laybare or now I go to Lacquer for their Chocolate hot wax 🙂

  4. Jamaica
    2 years ago

    Is that for real? But every after 2 weeks won’t get your ua have that enough length of the hair to wax? I even wait for a month to have it waxed para madala at matanggal talaga ng wax yung hair. Pwede pala every after 2 weeks? But I lurv your ua, no kidding! I wish ganyan ua ko .

    jam |


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